MEDIACTRL is a prototype testbed implementation, completely open source, of the MEDIACTRL (Media Server Control) Media Control Channel Framework as it is currently being standardized within the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).

It is written in C/C++, and makes use of existing open source software for several of its functionality, i.e.:

and others.

Everything else has been projected and implemented from scratch, by taking into account the ongoing standardization efforts in the above mentioned MEDIACTRL Working Group.

The prototype includes both control (the interface between application servers and media servers) and processing (media manipulation and RTP) functionality: this means that, seen in an IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS) context, the MEDIACTRL prototype acts as a complete MRF (Media Resource Function). A testbed implementation of the Application Server side functionality is being implemented as well, in order to test the protocol interaction in real-world scenarios. Currently, the AS side is available both as a protocol stub implementation, and as a SIP Servlet.

The implementation currently supports the core framework and protocol, and two of the currently specified packages, specifically IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Mixer (Conferencing and Joining). Checkout the Documentation page for more details.

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