Release 0.1.0 and documentation


The source code of the Media Server Control Prototype (release 0.1.0) is finally available for download, together with a Doxygen-generated documentation.

This first release of the prototype implements the following drafts:

That is, the core framework and an almost complete implementation of two control packages. The release also comes with a couple of additional control package placeholders, mostly designed for testing purposes.

The implementation aims at being modular for what concerns control packages and codecs, by means of a dedicated API: this means that you can extend its functionality yourself by writing your own module. However, this is only a first release, and so its API will probably be subject to changes. Checkout the Doxygen-generated documentation for more details. Future releases, besides updates reflecting the new status of draft documents, will see a modular approach for other components of the framework as well, first of all the control protocol which is currently embedded in the application.

Two files are available for download:

Give it a try! Any kind of feedback will be more than welcome.

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