Release 0.3.0 and documentation


The updated source code of the Media Server Control Prototype (release 0.3.0) is finally available for download, together with a Doxygen-generated documentation.

This new release of the prototype implements the following drafts:

That is, the core framework and an almost complete implementation of two control packages. The release also comes with a couple of additional control package placeholders, mostly designed for testing purposes. Only audio is supported in this available release, specifically A-law, mu-law and GSM, but more codecs can be easily added given the plugin-oriented nature of the prototype.

Checkout the Doxygen-generated documentation for more details upon the implementation itself.

The prototype is available for download here:

Besides, two different Application Server demos are provided to test the prototype:

Give it a try! Any kind of feedback will be more than welcome. Don't forget to also checkout the documentation page for up-to-date drafts (including our latest call flows document) and meeting presentations (72nd IETF stuff availabe now).

Some questions you may ask yourself...

  • "Why 0.3.0? what happened to 0.2.0??"

The same thing that happened to Leisure Suit Larry 4 ;)

  • "Why audio only? I want video too!"

The release available for download only supports audio: considering the aim of the prototype is to provide a testbed for a new framework and protocol, audio is more than enough to experiment with the functionality envisaged by the specifications. Anyway, we also have a version of the prototype supporting video as well: we're currently preparing an online demo application for you to try with a SIP video phone, which will also show all the MEDIACTRL-related interactions, so come again soon for news about that!

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