0.4.0 release and online demo


The updated source code of the Media Server Control Prototype (release 0.4.0) is finally available for download, together with a Doxygen-generated documentation.
An online demo hosted in our servers is available as well for you to have a look at the MediaCtrl functionality.

This new release of the prototype implements the following drafts:

That is, the core framework and an almost complete implementation of two control packages. The release also comes with a couple of additional control package placeholders, mostly designed for testing purposes. Only audio is supported in this available release, specifically A-law, mu-law and GSM, but more codecs can be easily added given the plugin-oriented nature of the prototype.

Checkout the Doxygen-generated documentation for more details upon the implementation itself.

The prototype is available for download here:

Besides, two different Application Server demos are provided to test the prototype:

Give it a try! Any kind of feedback will be more than welcome. Don't forget to also checkout the documentation page for up-to-date drafts (including our latest call flows document) and meeting presentations (73rd IETF stuff availabe now, and 74th soon to come).

If you don't want to install anything, and just want to give a look at how the MediaCtrl infrastructure and protocols work, have a look at our demo. Grab your favourite softphone and place a call to one of the following SIP URIs:

  • sip:mediactrlDemo@meetecho.comics.unina.it:5080
  • sip:1234@meetecho.comics.unina.it:5080 (in case your phone only supports digits)

A MediaCtrl-powered application will answer and guide you through the demo itself, ranging from IVR menus to echo tests, VCR-driven prompts, conferences and so on. Both audio (a-Law, mu-Law, GSM) and video (H261, H.263, H263+, H.264 QCIF/CIF) are supported. The demo has been successfully tested with X-Lite, Linphone, Ekiga, SJPhone and a Grandstream GXV3000, but it should work with other SIP phones as well (assuming the codecs are supported, of course).
You can see the MediaCtrl transactions between the AS and the MS on the following URI:

which provides a list of of all the transactions, including both ladder diagrams and protocol message dumps.

Let us know what you think about it!

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